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You’ve spent your life enjoying what matters most to you – and you don’t have to stop now. Providing the right level of care for our residents is at the heart of what we do. At Vineyard, we take the time to learn about everywhere you’ve been, everything you’ve done, and what it is you’re looking for through regular Life, your way™ Lifestyle Assessments. This translates into the personalized programming you need to engage, inspire, and pursue your passions at every stage.


Mealtime should always be a special time. Whether it’s gathering with family or friends at our Savor Restaurant, or enjoying a variety of delicious cuisine in the comfort of your own residence, you’ll find the options you need for the experience you want—all with a menu that continues to surprise and inspire.

  • On-premise Savor Restaurant, perfect for everyday meals and community events
  • Seasonal foods sourced from local farms and markets
    Globally inspired menus featuring a variety of authentic, handcrafted dishes
  • Fresh, better-for-you ingredients and chef-prepared meals that are just as delicious as they are nutritious, available all day
  • Concierge-style, in-room service available throughout your day
  • Open kitchen, available for community use


Our unique approach to care, connection and community is rooted in one principle: TO T.H.R.I.V.E.

We fill our activities calendar with a balanced approach to resident wellness represented in each of the categories below.


Making a positive impact on you and the community is what drives our programming initiatives with purpose. 


Living a healthier life is a happier life, from care, connection, and community, to cuisine. 


Personalizing activities and amenities ensure you get the most out of every day.  


Learning new skills and engaging in old hobbies lead to a higher level of personal growth. 


Staying connected to your physical, spiritual, and emotional needs provides a more enriching, fulfilling life. 


Leaving our world better than we found it. 



Gardening. Wellness workshops. We want you to expect more because you deserve more. So whether you’re yearning for independence or a deeper bond, our programs are the perfect blend of care, connection, and community, designed to keep your heart happy and your mind and body healthy at every age.

We want to help you make the most out of every day.

Enrichment, Your Way.

  • Resort-like entry with lounge and courtyard view
  • Activities Room
  • Library
  • RENEW Salon and Spa
  • Movie Theatre
  • Lounge
  • Interactive Kitchen

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